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  Nogales Success Story

Autor: RRS & Asociados
Fecha: 22/08/2011

Nogales , Sonora borders with Nogales, Arizona and has some of the typical  mafia activities of a  border town including people and drug trafficking into the U.S.

But in contrast with other Mexican cities like Juarez, Tijuana, Reynosa or Laredo, it doesn’t have all the crimes and the violence.

5 years ago Nogales authorities began a radical crime prevention program and its actual mayor, Jose Angel Hernandez, has reinforced it quite successfully.

He has worked on having a more efficient and reliable police response but most importantly the program focuses on  social prevention: sports, facilities, services and attendance to the least developed areas of town.

Most property and violent crimes have plummeted quite significantly. Homicide for instance shows a 23% reduction compared against its historical average and a 56% versus last year.(see graphs).

The mayor is fighting his own war against poverty, inequality and lack of opportunities for the young and the less privileged; the population at risk.

This is part of the larger state program by Sonora backed by Governor Guillermo Padres and Public Security Secretary Ernesto Munro.

Both Sonora and Nogales use the Crime Traffic Light method to reduce crime rates.

Sonora is the only GREEN border state according to the National Crime Traffic Light and one of the safest destinations in Mexico.


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